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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Couple of things before we start:

- Other bloggers should blog more often, so I am not cursed to continually read my own and find myself feeling like an idiot. What was I thinking?... and on that note, why do I continue?
- I like the theme to Jurassic Park, among all the other John Williams movie themes - assuming that Jurassic Park is by John Williams, right?
- Coldplay is getting boring.
- Minesweeper is detrimental.
- In the creation of the last point to this, I have played many, many games of minesweeper. In the space of that time, I won... none of them.
- Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days. Been feeling pretty lethargic.


1. I've already mentioned this, but we have made advancements in the Wii game, "Obtrusive II". It is pretty freaking scary. Possibly even scary than Resident Evil 4, which made Charlie scream at 3:34.

2. Don't you hate it when people just leave whenever you have an argument over msn?

3. I hate it when people are ignorantly hurtful. I hate how they have no idea what is happening with their lives that they have to add unecceasary pain to an already 'just-bearable' life. I hate it when people continuously tell me how much they don't trust me, and therefore tell me that they can't tell me stuff. I hate it when people unreasonably insult you. I hate it when people tell me that I've changed for the worse, and they hate who I am now. I hate it when people are fake, lying, bastards who cheat and lie over and over again. I hate it when the one person you expect to listen and trust is the one that hurts you.


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i am

vivien, and i ask you to convince me of otherwise.

i'd like to be

a musician
a scientist
a thinker
a photographer
a time traveler
under the sea,
in an octopus' garden
in the shade.