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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Addition to my Non-Subject Specific Blogs

Finally! The first week of school is over.

No matter how fun and exciting something is, if it's new you tend to constantly be on high alert, which is incredibly draining. I didn't sleep much this week, partly 'cause of all the excitement and then partly 'cause of Mr Djokovic, who screwed with my sleeping habits, making me stay up 'til two the night before school started to watch his game which I already knew the results of. Anyway, I have to get up at 6 o'clock every day to catch the bus, and 4 hours of sleep can be slightly detrimental to your health.

Meeting new people is so much fun as well. It's like a friggin shark tank. Everyone is trying to make friends with the people they like, and unfortunately for me, I just happen to be a picky person and there aren't many people I do like (that I'm actually aware of, because I've only seen like, 1/3 of my grade so far). But there'll be a camp soon, where apparently you meet tonnes (tons? metric?) of people you didn't even know existed.

Anyways, I had lots to write about yesterday, but I fell asleep in the afternoon because I was so tired. I'll post when I remember.

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Friday, January 23, 2009


So... I went to pick up my uniform today. Actually no, I went to pick up my school bag, because everything else I'd previously ordered hadn't come yet, despite the uniformdoobyperson's very solid promise that they would. This includes my jumper, tracksuit pants and jacket, and blazer.


What's important... OUR.BLAZERS.HAVE.COLLARS.

*much relief, an instant drop in blood pressure and unexplained loss of fat* - haha, no, I didn't just use "the facilities".

I can't wait to get back to school.

Aside from this boring school crap, the only other excit ing news is: I'VE GOT BAGS UNDER MY EYES!

Well, not really. they're just like somebody consideratly hurt me. I'll call it 'Precision Punching'. It's never happened to me before, so let me revel in this gracing experience in peace.

Umm what else? Novak Djokovic is the best - marry me? Ricky Ponting is short, has a small head and plays an awful sport. Ted, they are Robin's kids.


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Dear personfromgosfordNSW,


seem to have vistited a couple of times.

Please comment/sub/email/anything so that I can know who you are.


have been personally communicated to! 

Much love/thanks/appreciation/worldpeace,

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So it's 10 minutes past 3am, I can't sleep aaand I've just remembered that I've figured out how to post pictures!!

Yay. I owe you guys a few. Ermm... Here are a couple of them... a bit out of context, I guess:

The first one is about that super yuck lime flavoured Breaka which I bought a couple of months back (sorry for the sidewaysness), and the second is my with my super cool double bass which I've edited to be super artisy and to abuse the use of the word "super". Of course, I'm a bit further in front of it, so yeh, it's pretty big. 

Anway, I think the wheels of life/education are beginning to spin again after it's temporary, intended fall off the wagon. I went with Michelle to buy her uniform for QACI today, and um... I really don't have anything to say. It's not as good looking as I thought it would be (oh right, I forgot to mention that their blazers didn't have collars - *ahhh!*), but I guess, what is school really for in the end? I'm going to pick up the rest of mine tomorrow (blazer, jumper, school bag and... I think that's it) and I'm reaaaally hoping for this collar thing to work out. It's kinda weird.

Oh well. There're only 4ish days to go!


P.S.: The TV's weird tonight. Instead of advertisements that attract needy people to sms to get sex tapes on their mobiles, there're half hour long "short program" advertisements selling mops, exfoliators and fat draining cookery - the most repetive things I've ever heard in my life, Jimmy Barnes and his son recording video clips for their songs and Good Morning America, in Australia, at night. 

Ahh, I see. 

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Ok. I pride myself on being able to knit, however:

1) I don't particularly enjoy it, and
2) There are several things I don't understand about it.

2.1) Who invented knitting?? S/he's got to be a certifiable genius if you ask me.
Oh gosh I'm bored. I wonder what will happen if i get a pair of sticks, some string and continually pass it to and from the sticks in a series of knots (stick through the stitch, loop the stick to create a hole, pull stick out through the bottom of whole... repeat!)?



2.2) When I mysteriously add or lose stitches, why does the knitting simply accept it?? Why must it not fall apart and end up looking like underwear?? (Due to some freak act of nature, I actually did managed to create some orange, underwear-shaped piece of knitting).


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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ch-ch-ch-changes :)

Alright, I don't believe in New Year Resolutions (<-- there's some correct grammar for you to eat up [eek, I'm not so certain of the capitals!]) but you know what? (<-- oh and there's some incorrect grammar for you to throw up a little bit on) I'm going to a new school, a new music program, new people, new everything! So, I'VE DECIDED TO IMPLEMENT SOME EPIC CHANGES IN MY LIFE.

lol - it's not really that epic. Basically, here's a list of all the things I've done to change, both in a physical and a sort of academic aspect of my life:

1. I WILL EXERCISE. There was a little hiccup in this though: I went for my first run to anywhere in about 3 billion years a couple of days ago, and my knees ended up nearly dislocating, my achilles tendon is close to snapping (not really, but they are in pain), and all the muscles from my bum - I feel this word should have a 'B' on the end - bumb muscles right down to the ones surrounding my ankles are in a constant cramp (again, slight exaggeration here). I think my mother told me never to run again. -.-"

HOWEVER!, I will not be deterred by mere physical obstacles like being a little bit disabled! I'm taking up swimming again :)

2. I cut my hair. No, not like some sissy little trim. I got rid of the long fringe. *whispers* It still looks the same when I tie it up :D.

3. I'm seriously thinking of colour coding my fingernails, if my school permits this. I already do, but with length, rather than colour.

4. I'VE COMPLETELY REVAMPED MY BEDROOM. I looove it. I bought stands for my bass guitar, violin and clarinet (yes, I'm leaving the double bass in the garage (I love that word. It's so raw and has such a baroque feel..) aaand finally I've bought myself a music stand. It's kinda flimsy but I'll live. Um... what else? I've got a book case now! (however sore an excuse for one it is, at last! my very small book collection is all in the same room!) Oh right, a cosier bed, which I insisted upon ridding the wheels on so it's closer to the ground (hence the cosy), and I've got a bean bag now :D. I'm going to collect used up toilet paper rolls stick them to the walls because I think it's lots of fun, and I'm not sure of how many other people are doing that already.

5. I plan on becoming obsessed with calanders. I kind of already am...

6. Read more? I'm really not well read. Disappointing, really.

7. Not look at the TV at all during the working week. No msn, no sort of social interaction that lasts more than 15 minutes at any given time. Ohh this is going to be difficult :(.

8. Last of all I resolve to see these other resolutions through.

Gahhhhh. What have I gotten myself into?

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Ok. I wrote a horrible, boring, immature and childish blog, left it, came back a week later, and now I've been visited by nearly 10 people from places including the Philipenes, UK, NSW and various places on the Gold Cost. Oh right, and thanks to the person who subscribed and yet to get-to-know, but whom I also now love very dearly.

Zero points for being a stick up your arse, but seriously, is this what I have to do to get more viewers?

I mean, thanks, but when I actually do put an effort to make my blog slightly intelligent and a little bit worthy, people ignore it.

Oh well. I appreciate it anyway. Happy 12 days until school resumes in Australia/possibly just Queensland!

Will get back to regular posting when procrastination becomes desperately unnecessary and a desperate necessity.


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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Humanit- No, Vogonity.


I saw someone today in the city who looked like a Vogon! I should've taken a picture with him :(. I'm very depressed now. He had the whole, hunchback, eyebrows drooping over the eyes, the noes falling short of average length and reaching to the sky... a little. Wow. I hope he was a nice person.

Yeah I'm really bored at the moment (I seem to be saying that in all my posts, no matter how far apart they are), so I don't really have anything to write about. APART FROM THE FACT THAT I BOUGHT MYSELF A SPUNKY CAN OF CAFFINE-FREE, DIET COKE. I know, right? WTF. I'm pretty sure the entire point of the invention of coke was to drink a caffine loaded, sugar packed beverage that would give you a kick while it goes down your pipes and keeps you awake 'til the very next night. What has the world come to? This has like, de-materialised the very fabric of my reality. Again, I'll post a picture soon/most probably  never. I've got to admit though, it does have a good packaging. Well, it'd probably need to considering it looks like liquid shoe and tastes like badly carbonated artificial sugar can water.

Anyway, 'tis all for now. ENJOY YOURSELF. 

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i am

vivien, and i ask you to convince me of otherwise.

i'd like to be

a musician
a scientist
a thinker
a photographer
a time traveler
under the sea,
in an octopus' garden
in the shade.