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Saturday, February 28, 2009


New layout? Yes? Yes? Yes.

Sorry. I lied about the posting tomorrow. Things like that usually happen when I make a commitment. 

Anyway, I've been noticing more and more lately, that my body's internal clock seems to work only on half/hourly intervals. My bus leaves at 6:54. I THINK I'LL HAVE TO DISAGREE THERE. 

God, it drives me nuts! Of all the abituary numbers to choose, WHYYY 54? I CAN'T GET THERE AT A '54th' MINUTE. I keep missing that bus (which, by the way, is the fastest, least going-to-jargon-destinations route there is. Plus, I don't need to change buses on this route) which usually ends up with me deciding to take a completely random bus to the city that takes approx. 1 hour to get there, by which time the bus which I need to catch from the city has left only a minute earlier and will decide, instead of coming once every 15 minutes, to skip a couple of busses and take about 45 mins. And when it does decide to come, I'll be a simple hour late for school. 


[oh. I just saw the little autosavedoobyfunctionthingy, and it last saved at 10:54. *sigh*]

Speaking of bus stations and etc., I have a dream. No, not to be a bus driver, but rather, TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR A TRAIL OF COMPACTION BEFORE I LEAVE SCHOOL! 



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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


and then there was light!

Today, I was walking home from the bus station when I was thinking about someone I met today - Eden. This is particularly weird for me because a) Eden is a guy. I'm actually not sure whether or not it is abnormal, but, b) my first best friend evereverever's name was Eden, and she was a girl.

Anyway, irrelevance!

I was thinking about how familar his name was, and I was attempting to rack my brains as to where I had heard it before, and it eventually struck me that it was that garden from the bible. Of course, I then remembered the two people who were in that garden - Adam and... I-got-stuck. Ohh, her? Yeah, I know her. I-got-stuck and me, we're like *this* tight.

Well, I get really annoyed when I forget things, so for some reason, I tried to start a train of thought that might help me remember her name. You'll never believe it. The first thing i thought of was Pokemon - sinful child! I thought of Abra, Charmander and Mew first because my friend and I were talking about them today, but then I thought of, Eevee... oh she's cute. wow. Eeeeeeeeeveeeee. Eeeevuvuvuh.

And then I got it. I FELT SO STUPID. /////cryslitwrist.

I'm thinking of making a demotivational poster and putting it on /b/ saying "I'm so atheist, I need Pokemon to help me remember the story of creationism," with a little picture where "Eevee = Eve."

I'm not sure whether to be proud of this or not... I'm not bagging out religion, although I do think it's at times a bit of a hypocritical joke. I certainly understand that some people rely on religion for hope and a guide to life and etc. etc., but when it comes to explaining miracles, nature and miricles in nature, I think we shoud listen to the Aboriginies there. Not to mention, there are so many people out there who consider themselves "Christian" or any variation upon that, and have never even read the bible.

I just reckon you should live your life the way that it is. Don't hate me for my beliefs 'cause I don't hate you for yours.

Anyway, tata for now. I think I have something to write about tomorrow - Yay!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

today... i didn't use capitals.

p.s.: i title my blogs after i write them, so seeing as i wrote the title last, the response to it is at the beginning of the blog...


it's so weird when sometimes i spend a day on the internet and it hurts to pull the plug out at night.

i doesn't want to :(. the time draws nearer, and i can feel the impending sense of doom, and the sudden awareness of my morality. (thanks yourtikken)

also, tonight i forewent a can of coke 'cause a mosquito flew into the fridge and it thought it'd be funny to make the mosquito reallyreally cold. 

i regrets. 

+ alex and becky broke up. stupid kristina :(

that actually makes me really upset. 

gahh. today has not been good. 

edittttt: i suddenly realised why. been listening to this song. very very depressing. as in like, personally depressing, as opposed to like, generically sad. 

wow i want to cry. 

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

After the Movies


This week is epic. I've had this like, boot/survival camp for the past three days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and I have this Wind Symphony camp tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.

I'm going to be so smashed when I get back to school next week. Not to mention, I have a 1500 word essay to write in a week.

Well, seeing as this is the only time I've been able to sit down and write to my blog since school resumed, I'll make it boring.

I've been pondering this subject for quite a long time now, but for some reason, I can't seem to mentally explain it very clearly. Basically, what I want to say is goes something along the lines of:
ihatepeople. justbecausemoviesendhappily, doesn'tmeantheirlivesendtherehappily. 'speciallywiththeteenflickswherethegirlandtheguyalwaysgettogetherintheend, imeansrlsy, asiftheywouldn'tbreakuplikeaweeklateranyway. eventheoneswherethepeoplegetmarried. likethey'renotgonnagetadivorce. imeanliek, whenarrrewe?? GRRRSH.

I hope it was easy to understand that.

- I rolled my ankle harharharhar. it was funpainful.
- Today, I bought sea monkies, long straws with umbrella's attached, + candles for Michelle's birthday - HAPSDAPS TO YOU mishmish. 14 - the sum of which is no divisible by 3, 4, 5 or 6. I would know... I divisibility-tested them.
- I bought a sword for Max. Haven't seen you in aaaaages, and I figure the sword will probably serve you well in your acting career. :ppp
- The guys who work at National Geographic/any variation upon can all juggle, and are AWESOME. I have a general, specietic crush on you guys. snaps.
- I'm getting Richard a hamburger with a sugar-pearl love heart pressed into the bread for valentines. Take that, creativity!
- Callum, you have a job. I will take you down like a night arab in the night.
- :(((((( Brock. I miss you lots. Especially since my current mathematics teacher looks like a more janitor-like, old, sweaty, monotonous version of you. <3
- Vincent.
- Gibbo sucks and goes to toilet like a girl - in pairs.



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Monday, February 2, 2009

Guidelines to Harmonious Living - GTHL number 1!

I've just completely my first, 5 days (week) at QASMT, and from this experience, I have established 3 solid rules as to how I should live my life:

1. No one will ever be "not good enough" for me. There is a wide world out there I had never experienced before, and there are so many great people I've met from all walks of life. Not getting to know them would be a waste of my existance.

2. Seize all opportunities (Yes to everything!). Look what it's done for me; just 2 months ago, I was unsure, upset and disappointed about everything. Now, I've started an entirely new chapter behind, and it just may have given me the kick to get where I want in life.

3. Everything in moderation. - alright, so maybe just 'yes' to most things. edit: seize opportunities in moderation, and i'm not even kidding.

Anyway, I haven't really been in a blogging mood lately, so I'll come back when I do.


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i am

vivien, and i ask you to convince me of otherwise.

i'd like to be

a musician
a scientist
a thinker
a photographer
a time traveler
under the sea,
in an octopus' garden
in the shade.