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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hey You!

Well, today I guess something not-very-momentous happened to me to day, so I guess I'll blog about that. It didn't exactly happen "to me", per say, but I guess I saw it happening so... *thumbs up!*

Of course, I've got maaaaany other rants to rave on about, but I've decided to strategically post them so I can slowly plot my conspiracy against the world. - *ahem. LAME*

Just to make sure that you don't think that I'm "just another ignorant teenager", by 'lame' I don't mean, "*cough, broken leg*". I realise the true meaning of the word, though, actually, I have no idea why that expression is used for situations that are supposedly "uncool". I can't even find a definition for the "contemporary" meaning the on the net.

Speaking of conspiracies, though, I have seen about 15, standard, government issued number plates with the letters "JFK" in the past year. I swear they stalk me! In fact, I know of two that park within a 200 metre proximity of me, and one other that I see at a school nearby. Ok, of course I realise that it is probably up to that letter of the alphabet (I have been informed it is up to 'L' now), and that there are 999 of them out there in Queensland, but still! Let me have my fantasies, however dull!

Well, onto the actual logging now!

I went to an all-in-one corner shop that was a petrol station, fish and chips store, kebab store, and grocery store all in one, to have some food after school today. Well, this would have been fairly monotonous if not for the fact that I jumped (with hope [similar to the kind on my 11th birthday when I actually wished to get a letter from the wizarding world, telling me that I'd been accepted in a place at Hogwaarts]) at a machine starting up that emitted a noise very similar to a sonic screwdriver! Yay! It was one of the most anxious moments of my life! Of course, like usual, I was disappointed but, it momentous all the same!

Alright, just when you thought all the fun and excitement was over, an Indian man walked into the store to the kebab shop, and broke out into song. Sure, it was a very low pitched song, but song non-the-less.

:). Right, you can settle down now. What a day!

In other news, I nearly slipped into a mental breakdown today. I talked myself into believing that I'd fail at my new school and I'd like, fail at life, pretty much.

ermmm yeah. touchy topic.


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