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Monday, November 17, 2008

I Hate Soapies!

Okay, I don't know what it is, but there is just something that ticks me off about soap tv.

I fail to understand how people can commitedly watch an episode of "Neighbours" or "Home and Away" (for the people who don't know, they're the soapies that we have currently in Australia) or something else like that for that matter. I don't know if their audiences actually realise it, but pretty much the only things that happen in shows like that are either:

a) Birth
b) Death (including miscarriges, homicides, murders, accidental and the like), or
c) CHEEEEATING. *retches*

Seriously, how do people stand watching those things over and over again? It is so predictable, and the people in the shows are FUGLY anyway.

For example, at the moment there is a FUGLY girl on Neighbours at the moment, who is "pregnant" and her boyfriend is cheating on her. Oh, the dilemmas of life! Oh, what is a girl to do? Now lets all drown in our own empathy! Yay!

Seriously though, I doubt many of the people watching would actually know how she feels anyway. It doesn't make you any more of a considerate person if you watch someone with issues on TV, and you feel sorry for them.

For heaven's sake, wWake up people! How can there possibly be more drama on one effing steet than in there is in a news series for an entire year? Sure, you might tell me that it's "entertaining" but really, it is so incredibly pointless and stupid that:

a) the producing companies need to pay more money for it to be shown during prime-time tv so that people actually watch it, and
b) DOESN'T EVEN BELONG TO A GENRE OF TELEVISION (apart from the one that they've made for themselves, otherwise known as SOAPIES!)

On another topic about soap tv though, I am just deathly sick of people from them trying to launch farking POP MUSIC CAREERS from the publicity that they've gained from their bloody shows.



Just because you have become "famous" (i.e. "On the small screen" *aha.. aha*) for your inability to act, does not mean you can sing! Sure, some careers have been rather successful, but they've almost all just led to a life of plastic-ism, and plain loathing from the general public.

Don't make silly judgements on me just because you are defensive towards your precious little soapies, because:

a) then, you'd just be a hypocrite,
b) I am entitled to my opinion and so are you. Go complain about me on your own blog site.
c) I don't particularly care anyway.

Of course, I like to hear what you think (in the minute possibility that you might convince me of otherwise upon the issue of soap tv), but I do not encourage negative feedback, or positive feedback. Just constructive will do, thanks.

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