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Friday, November 21, 2008

Late at Night When the Catfish Fight.

[Opening Salutation] 

Well, currently, it is swelteringly warm here in Brisbane at the moment. I am not in a fantastic mood. This may possibly also be because of the fact that is now almost well past midnight, and I got almost no (next to none) sleep at all last night. This was because I spent all night either doing work slash stressing about it. This is all thanks to the amazing planning abilities of the teaching staff at my school; all of them deciding to give us uneccesary assignments/exams across six subjects in the one week. Oh, and when I say uneccesary, I mean, "we've-nothing-better-to-do-, so-why-don't-we-all-coincedentally-stress-them-out-all-at-the-same-time-for-no-particular-reason-other-than-our-personal-amusement" kind of uncessary. They won't even go towards our marks (they've already completed our report cards), anyway. Despite this, they pressure us to complete a mammoth task, all of which, did not benefit our education in any way, shape or form. For example, the maths assignment which I've just handed in today, involved a 2 seconds in excel (for the mathematical, statistical part of it), and approximately 1000 words in "justifying" things like why data would be useful for marketing agencies to promote alcohol. Logical? Of course! 

Also, badly planned outings + lethargy = awful blogging.

Anyway, that's enough of my never ending spiel about how unreasonable school is.

Well, what I really wanted to say in this blog, IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! It's that time when everyone begins to count everything down. Countdowns to the end of a school year, to overseas trips, countdowns to new beginnings, new resolutions. I find it brilliant. Personally, I really don't think that there should be any difference between the end of a year as opposed to March, or something though. I mean, people should be able to just as easily start afresh in August as they can in January. 

Oh right, before I forget, I'm counting my birthday down! Amidst all this excitement of having a blog and my plain boredom for overated joy for birthdays, I'd forgotten to mention it. Yeah, I'll be fourteen on Sunday. 

Back to the point though, why do people count things down? It's not as if these things are not important or big enough of a deal too be easily forgotten, and it's not as if recognising how close the event is makes the actual event itself any more exciting. 

Yeah well, I don't have much more to say, and I have to point out I am extraordinarily tired and sleepy, so I guess I'll be signing off 'round about here. 

One more thing though, I want to have an opinion poll thing going. Knowing myself, it'll probably not be very consistent though, so don't be expecting weekly polls or anything. Just occasionally if they pop up around the place, comment and agree or disagree with me, argue with me, hate me, convince me etc. Alright, here's the first topic of these such opinion polls:

They should not announce when a Doctor will regenerate (and rather just do it within the show) and therefore not announce when an actor decides to resign, gets fired etc. This way, it will add excitement to the series, and will keep the viewers in the dark until a surprise regeneration.

Agree? Disagree? What do you think?

comment HERE.

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