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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nostalgia Rhymes with Disturbia

Well, today was the last Orchestra rehearsal I'll ever have at JPC.

I've never really been a nostalgic person, but Orchestra '06, '07 and '08 have possibly been the best group of people I have ever been fortunate enough to know. Every time I was feeling down, I always looked forward to orchestra, so that I could make true, heartfelt music and forget about my own worries. This year especially with the friends that I made from the strings section in grease band, thank you all for being there when I needed you. I could honestly say, without orchestra, I would've gone insane.

I'll miss my weekly shoutings of "Gee, it stinks in here!" as I walk into the smelly, saliva covered, music making centre of the great, Dame Joan Auditorium, and the occasional insults of "YOU NOOB!" passed around the orchestra during breaks.

I'll take with me memories of Sam blu-taking a phone attatched with the cord to his stand and picking it up during a piece; Mrs. Freisberg imitating us when we played horribly; Zoe and Natasha always managing to get a silly photo of themselves in orchestra published in the year book; our yearly creation of a human pyramid (and the collapse of it, too), and just the general, hilarious nature in which we carried ourselves.

I would be lying if I said that any other group at JPC had a bond like the one we had in Orchestra (yes, Orchestra deserves a capital letter). It was amazing to have such a diverse group of people from all across the school to all be friends and all share the one, common goal that unites people all around the world unite us in our small group of people: to speak the language of music.


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