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Monday, November 17, 2008

The Pinnicle of Anticlimaxes!

Dear Peopoloodles,

As you might imagine, not much happens to someone like me ("I'm just a temp!") in the space of two days. Of course, some might object and say things like, "No, don't be silly! Plenty can happen in even a second!". Usually, they would then proceed to give me a long list of examples, most including death and the like, and I would counter them by saying, "Sure, it may only take a moment to die, but it would have taken an entire lifetime to make that death." Vivien wins.

I would also like to point out that I like my use of subjective time frames quite a bit.

Anyway, my point is, nothing much has actually happened to me since that fateful morning on the driveway. Yeah, sure, it is a bit of an anticlimax to my last, more insightful post, but at least I'll apologise for it. :)

Recent Events of Note:
- On Saturday night, I went out with my friends to see 'How to Lose Friends and Alienate People'. Absolute shite. Save your money and don't go see it. I feel for Kirsten Dunst because she had to kiss that disgusting, mismatched-nostrils, allergy-prone-looking, prematurely-born-looking, middle-aged (and by middle-aged, I mean half of 100), "British-in-New-York" hypocrite. Yuck.
- I had a fairly interesting car ride to school this morning! First of all, I was late getting up for to meet my friend at school in the first place, so mummy and I were in a little bit of a hurry. This meant *rushrushrush*, which therefore equalled *forgetforgetforget*! Although somewhat forseable, my mother realised a short while after leaving that she had forgotten her phone and wallet SO, we had to turn back and pick up these "nessecities". Anyway, after we left again for the second time, I suddenly realised that my seat wasn't secured down correctly (ok, yes, I have an ancient car that comes with the features that include, 2 airbags, perfect-condition dashboards, static-free radio, and central lock), and was sliding forwards and backwards as the car accelerated and breaked! This obviously provided me with many opportunities for fearing my death and sore knees from having to use my legs to push against the ground. At that point, I thought to myself, wellthis is enough drama for one day! (This is, of course, considering my boring, dull, poinless, pitiful existance) Then, as I was sipping some water from my mug (because I'm that kind of person who thinks that doing my hair up, putting my socks on or eating breakfast in the car will actually save me some time), my mum thought I'd finished and held it for me for a second at the traffic lights. Said traffic lights turned green, mother let go, water spills and now water was in shoe. Great. My feet were soggy and disgusting, and it really didn't add to the overal mood of a rainy monday (The Carpenters ref.). Well, said "friend" never turned up, and then turned out to be "hanging" with another friend. Generally, a bad start to the day. Things got better though.
- For some odd reason, I've been having short, sudden urges for caramel. In fact, upon finishing nibbling the outside of a mini-sized picnic, I nearly convinced myself to eat the inside!
- I have discovered that I have a fetish for eating sauce (and most other consumable liquids [well, not water of course, because would be INCONVIENIENT, and not to mention, it would probably use up all the resources in the world to produce the packaging]) from small, one-per-serving packages. :D I may upload some photos for you soon!

- Angelica! I'm pretty sure you'll read this at some point in time so I thought I'd give you a little mention.
- Charlieissocoollike! Thanks for getting me into youtube! Without you, I don't think I would've found Littleradge, or Nerimon, or Robofillet.
- Littleradge, because you are the coolest and I love you lots and lots! Thanks for adding me as a friend on myspace :DDDDDD *love* <3 (yuck, but I did it for you 'cause you do it)
- Mr. Seers!, because there is a small possibilty that you may look into your viewing history and find my blog :D. No, just kidding. Thanks for being such a great teacher and an awesome mentor! Also, thank you for always, somehow, every year, managing to incorporate Doctor Who into the school curriculum! YAY!

Oh well, it is that time of night when I shall be of to complete my manyful (like plentiful, but cooler) assignments.

Guten Tag!

...and Australia was like, DoubleYouTea(Eff - for a lack of an actual English word)?...

P.S. Would someone please like to enlighten me in the wonderful world of "the difference between 'UK', 'England' and 'Britain'"?

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