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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Slipping Through My (own) Fingers


Last day :(. I can guarantee the waterworks.

Far out. *exhales* It's going to be so weird when I come back and read this post this afternoon. Rememeber what I said about the evolution of the mind? Ok, well you can be sure that what I think now will be a whole lot different in 8 hours.

I guess all of this... whatever I'm going through at the moment is my "morning after" outside a storm. It's just been so hard this year and I'm just so glad it's finally over. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate "going through the motions" and all, and I love my friends etc. etc. It's just PHEW. It's over now.

It's just been like a long, long, mental marothon, and I'm exhausted. It's funny though, 'cause I came out of last years wanting more, and yes, I regret it. Of course there'll be a few who'll be like, "Oh, you don't know what you're talking about! Life is much harder than that! Just you wait and see!". Sure, I'll wait. And thanks for the hindsight 'cause I'm dealing with "life" at the moment, and that's enough for now. I'll deal with "harder life" when I get there.

aslkdghldjf :(

Otherwise though, I have decided to alert you to several new resolutions of mine.

1. I will swear to ride my bike for at least 30 minutes (if not more) a week (I didn't want to set my goals to high) for then entirety of next year. I will not let silly excuses like, "I've got homework", however valid, deter me in my quest for fitness.

2. Several months ago, (or was it a year?) I found a Dvorak Typing System on Ebay and cruelly pressured my uncle to purchase it for me. I promised my entire family that I would learn to use it and type at speeds much faster than I could with the QWERTY by then end of the Term 1 Autumn Holidays. Unfortunately, despite my various attempts for speed and dexterity, I continuously felt disabled trying to familiarise myself with the rearranged letters. Naturally, (because according to Mavis Beacon, I can type over 90 WPM), I got sick of feeling like a dweeb and not be able to type quickly (although, of course, it was a different keyboard), so I stopped. Simple.

Well, it's been almost a year now, and I'm in a state of mind where I really don't want to see good money go to waste. I will take this keyboard with me on my many travels across Asia this Summer Break, and LEARN TO USE THE BLOODY KEYBOARD. (and be fast). And then actually use it in my daily life at school, and at home... Yeah.


Getting changed for my last day at JPC now. Catch you this evening.

Cheers. *snigger*

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