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Thursday, November 27, 2008

There is a surprising amount of videos titled "kjhg" on youtube.

Alright, so, no, I didn't blog about the Graduation.

Seems like ages ago, but it was only yesterday. I really was going to, but then after all the crying and all, I thought it would've be an insult to the memory + my friends.

Well, anyway, for the past day and tomorrow, I went/will go to a maths challenge at Griffith Uni down on the Gold Coast! It's pretty cool and exciting 'cause it's been a year since I went for the first time, and I've got to admit, it was definitely the most fun I'd ever had doing maths (not that maths isn't generally fun anyway). Well, there were definitely people who I'd waited for a long time to see again, but most of them didn't come again this year, so that was kinda disappointing.

I "met" a couple of new people I guess, and they're all really cool, so I'm really hoping to get their contacts so we can keep in touch. Oh right, not to mention three "senior" guys who've not failed to annoy (however jokingly) me for then entirety of today, and very predictably, tomorrow.
Matt (who apparently is "good looking"), Sam, and Robert (whom I think is much nicer than the other two).

Anyways, I've got some "homework" that I've got to do for this challenge anyway, and I've procrastinated 'till 9:30 so I'm a little bit screwed :).

Speaking of procrastination, I spent almost an hour and a half playing minesweeper :(. Gahhh. It's so addicting! Each game, on average, takes less than two minutes to play, but oh gosh the attraction! I just need to start a new game every time I step on a bomb! "Only one more!" I keep saying over and over again, but alas, I play it over and over again.

I need to go to rehab.


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