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Monday, November 24, 2008

"Too many!"

Hi Guggles,

I'm stoked! Because I've had an afternoon nap, and I've woken up! It's a good feeling. Although, usually 'cause of my stupid inability to fall into a peaceful sleep, I've had trouble doing that too often. Also, it feels like the waste of a life.

But it was rather weird when I woke up, because I'm not used to sleeping in the afternoon, I was expecting for the day to still be waiting for me when I woke. I could still hear those "afternoon sounds"; people dribbling basketballs, crickets, etc., and the lights were on, so I just assumed that it was still light and I was bedazzled for a good 10 minutes before I realised.

Ok, I've now just recognised the fact that I will probably not sleep at all tonight, and will probably mess up my sleeping patterns... AGAIN.

Right on other news, yesterday was my birthday. It was a bit of a limbo though, 'cause I only really got to "spend reasonable time doing reasonable things" with one friend that day, so THANKS AGIEN :). Oh it was also a bit of a wish-wash kinda day 'cause I really didn't want to make a big deal out of it, but it was like the universe made it a special day, and I was denying it.

Seeing as I'm a big fan of sentence-montages, I'll leave you a montage of sentences (not in chronological order) about my day:

Played at a function. Pretty random. Saw an old somebody I didn't particularly like. Went out to Carindale. Attempted to "shop" - yeah, I know I have limited functions. Snuck food into the cinemas. Bought ticket for wrong session. Got comfortable at the wrong movie - thought it was a preview for about, 20 minutes. Ate some more food. Saw Callum. Bought mocha that tasted way too much like a coffee. Shot people, cows and rode ultimate motor bikes ("TURBO!"), and tried to shoot deer at an "arcade". Watched the correct movie got bored with the correct movie snuck into another, worse movie. retched a couple of times in disgust at 60 year old women bitching about each other. Performed at Corals. Came home. Ate some green tea pudding (looks like diohrrea but tastes like heaven). Slept. Was sick the next day.

Oh, and in between all that, I secretly forgot about my birthday the entire day and secretly celebrated it at the same time.

In other stuffies: Ok, well there's a news headline playing at the moment, and it titles "The Church Has Finally 'Let It Be'". It's about how ages ago, before The Beatles got suuuuuper famous, John Lennon accidently made a remark about how The Beatles would be bigger than jesus. Well, obviously, it made the catholic church suuuuuper angry, and they were fully against the band, burning all their cds, merchandise etc. Well basically, the article is about how now, they have finally forgiven John Lennon for saying that.

Well, my problem with all of this is, it's not very fair at all, and it obviously wasn't too well thought out by many people. Who says that The Beatles aren't bigger than the church? When The Beatles were in their prime, who could say that it wasn't like a religion? Ok, fine, so what? I'm just saying that John Lennon, could've done that same to the church, burning bibles and crosses etc. because the church said that jesus was bigger than The Beatles, but he didn't. I think that makes him the better man.

Also, what else pisses me off about religion is, WHY CAN'T PEOPLE BE MORALLY GOOD PEOPLE WITHOUT BELONGING TO A RELIGION? Why can't I be a 'good' person and do 'good' things without me reading the bible everyday and loving jesus? Oh, sure, people are more "accepting" of other people's beliefs nowadays, but if you did accept it,

a) Why is it that everywhere I go, there is some sort of ... somthing, convincing me to convert to another religion. It's everywhere - in the media, companies, schools... entire countries label themselves a certain religion, regardless of the individual citizens.
b) Well why don't you believe the same as I did? Clearly, you only tolerate my beliefs, rather than "celebrating my difference", so stop projecting an image that you do, and just leave me alone.

Well, I realise this is getting overly long now, so I'm just going to leave it at that. Oh right, having a good/happy childhood is good for your adult life. Being optimistic is, also. Money won't bring you happiness, but being happy brings you money (proven).

Good luck being your best,

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