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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Christening of a Stovetop

lol. I got a new stove top. No - my family got a new stove top. I'm not abled enough. I've got to say though, they are spiffffffy little things. The old one got pretty handicapped; of the four hot plate thingies, we could only change the temperature of one while all the others were stuck on the hottest setting, and with one of them, one of the heat elements had broken so it would only do half the job.


Anyway. I was going to do a "Christmas Special" blog post. It was going to be about how much I hated Christmas. I was afraid that I'd be attacked by a mob of angry internet goers, so I guess I'll do it at Easter. 

OH WAIT! I JUST REMEMBERED WHY I WAS TELLING YOU ABOUT MY KITCHEN. I CHRISTENED IT. :DD with Campbell's Tomato Soup. Although we had the stove top for about 3 ish days, I completely restricted my family from cooking on it until I felt the need for some soup, because that was what I wanted to be the first thing to have been made on the stove. Well, I finally did it today, 'cause I felt everyone was getting a little bit hungry. I did the whole ritual: mixing too hard so that it splashed everywhere; putting in way too much water compared to milk... Wow. The entire thing was so enlightening. I feel... changed. I know the food cooked now will never be the same, thanks to me. haha

So long.

ok now that I've viewed this post on my blogger, I just want to say, I have no idea why there is a sudden font change in the middle of it. Ermm... sorry? I can't fix it. 

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