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Thursday, December 18, 2008

HiAtus + DBass - *yays inside*

Hoai Go-uies.

I've decided that I will (she said, with strength and resolve, knowing full well that her commitment levels are so low, she could probably not commit to not committing) go on an internet hiatus in a short while. No, I do not wish to be participating in an internet "hiatus fad", but really, I'm feeling pretty FREAKING APATHETIC, and I deem that I will be for the rest of the holidays. As I mentioned before, I probably will not go on this said hiatus because I've promised myself that I will. I don't know. We shall see.

On other news though, I got a new dbass today! Some people are probably thinking, my god! spoilt (demon) child! I have reason! Hear me out. Okay, after some extensive research on the cost of "renting" a double bass (I don't like that word), my mother an I have discovered that it costs, approximately, on average $100 dollars (give or take maybe about $99) a MONTH. On the other hand, on a spiffy (risk taking, life threatening, heart wrenching, advantage taking) internet website like ebay, it costed me around $550 to buy it. Hmm... rent for 6 months, or buy it and smite the stores the moment I find out that the instrument isn't that shit, get my money's worth + much more? Anyway, I'll try post pictures (yeah, I know I never do) soon/most probably never.

Oh well. I've got lots of things to complain about so you can await my future posts. (see what this planned hiatus is doing to me??)

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