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Sunday, December 7, 2008



I've been arguing with myself to blog about this for the past twenty-four hours, but I've been feeling rather shoddy. Anyway, ON WITH THE AWE.

The concert was spectacular! The lights were amazing, somewhat blinding at times but relevant, at that, and gosh, his piano and stool was on a moving platform so that everyone could see him/not see him ("share the shit around", as he says), he was funny and nice, and the MUSIC... the freaking music. He sounded just as good as he did on all his recordings, and I respect him so much more than anyone else for being a "real" musician - ie. he actually understands music, writes music and makes the music. Not some silly technology or composer to performer rubbish. Save that for my arse. Anyway, as I was saying, the music. The artist is only as good as the band behind it. I think I spent way to much time checking out the band than appreciating Mr. Joel though :(. They were cool dudes/chick. It seemed like every one of them could play at least a 3rd instrument, and it seemed like every one of them could play the saxaphone! They were just brilliant too.


Everything was just so surreal! It never really sunk in that I was watching the guy whom I'd been idolising since I was about 6. He was right there in front of me! Flesh, bones and all. Yeah. I didn't even believe it until I nearly cried when he came back out with Piano Man. HE WAS RIGHT THERE. and then he left. :(

Overall, it was pretty much the best freaking concert I'd ever want to go to. Out of 10 stars, I give it 0. Minus 1/2 a star for not playing some of his most beautiful songs, and minus another 9 and 1/2 for ending it. I may not ever go see another one (unless of course Billy Joel does one with more of my favourite songs - a problem easily rectified by one simple, never-ending concert), but I don't particularly mind, because I SAW BILLY JOEL.

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