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Monday, December 1, 2008

Leonard Douchebag the Lenovo Touchpad. *cringes in lameness*

Dear People,

Guess what?

A brand, spanking new, Lenovo X200 Touchpad (from which I am typing from) arrived at my doorstep today! It's got a funky webcam (which I can't seem to work [not that I've actually tried]), a cool, little fingerprint recognition gadget thing and, as the name suggests, a touchpad screen. 

I guess it isn't really that big a deal but i'm not really a technology geek so anything new that has a higher operational level than a toilet will probably excite me. 

It's pretty stupid though 'cause there are about 4 possible ways that you can operate a cursor; only one of which doesn't come with the package that I've bought. Of course, you can use a mouse; a pen that utilises the touch screen; a little mouse ball thingy in the middle of the keyboard... and a mouse pad, which is the only method which I "didn't buy for free". 

Oh, another stupid thing though: it's got Vista. Yuck. It keeps screwing up and tells me how a program has stoped operating after I've manually closed it... no kidding, right?

Yeah, but I might take advantage of this spunky webcam, and maybe make some reply videos to some really cool people, and perhaps... even make some videos of my own? Eeyeah... slightly ambitions - I realise that. Oh, and I hate seeing myself recorded and stuff, but I'm sure I can work something out. Like, using someone else's face perhaps? Or maybe... Microsoft Sam! yay. Me and him are in love. Yes... *trails off*

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