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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Tetris Claws Are Getting Rusty :(

Just 'Things' this time:

- I have a terrible habit of throwing non-disposable, eating utencils into the bin! I've done it twice in three days now... It makes me sad. 

- I actively use Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer for web browsers, and I really, really need help to choose one which I can get into the habit of exclusively using. Personally, I find Internet Explorer boring and slow, I prefer the appearance of Google Chrome (i.e. the colour scheme of the whole brower, the links bar, and the 'most visited' home page, quite similar to the Opera speed dial function, except Chrome has the links and the speed dial-like function, so Chrome wins in that department), but Chrome doesn't use the standard Java etc., so you have to install all the required plug-ins and other stuff like that, so that's really annoying. Oh and another thing with Chrome is that when you save pictures and things using Chrome, it changes the file type, which means that most other programs have difficulty viewing them. It's at these moments when I turn to Opera. They have a similar interface (but I still like the colour scheme of Chrome better), so I guess I use it with reluctance. Opera is definitely more reliable. Yeah. Then I guess I just use Internet Explorer to get things that the other ones can't access because of browser security allowance issues and the like. Anyway, I've been told many times that Firefox is really, really good, and I also want to use that too, so I'm just torn... Gah. Please help?

- I want to play Purge! It sounds like such a brilliant game :(. All the descriptions say it's the "devine war. science-fiction versus fantasy; technology versus magic; science versus religion." Come on. Is that not the most ultimate, everything-you-could-ever-wish-for video game?? But guess what? Oh no. I can't, ["because The Man ruined that with a little thing called MTV!"] 'cause it's a multiplayer game, and there isn't anyone to play online with me. :@:@ (Harry Harry, please for some odd reason, be reading this.)

- I have horrible ligaments :(. I'm sure my kneecap is moving around, and they hurt like mad. 

- Do you ever get the feeling that there're two of you? Whenever I look in the mirror, I always feel like the person looking back at me is another person, except this person is my "perfect friend" She understands me, you know? She can justify everything I do and everything I want to do. It's like, I can tell her anything that happens to me, but she already knows, and she still listens anyway. Sometimes, I like to think she looks back at me, and when I smile, she smiles back, and it's the most reassuring smile on the planet. They seem to say, "Haha. You'll be fine." ... Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe I have a brain aneurysm. Hope not. 

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i am

vivien, and i ask you to convince me of otherwise.

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