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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Youtube Symphony Orchestra

Hey Guys. 

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. It's the holidays (yeah, the 2 month ones), so nothing much ever really happens to me during this time of year. 

It's almost 2 o'clock in the morning, and I'm just sitting here on my own downstairs, surfing the internet with the tv on and my dog dreaming away. She gets quite active in her dreams. It's the funniest thing. 

Anyway, if any of you use youtube regularly (or infrequently, either way), you might have noticed the little "Youtube Symphony Orchestra" icon in the lower right corner of most pages. Now, I've seen this icon for about a month now, and I've always wanted to explore it, but up until now, there's always been something that's been stopping me. Tonight though, I finally plucked up the resolve to click on it, and it's probably one of the most exciting ideas/projects I've ever had the fortune of coming across! Basically, it's setting out to have a bunch of about 100 people from all across the world to come together to create one epic symphony orchestra. I'm reaaally hoping to participate in this, even if it's just to audition and get some feedback from them, it's really got me jumping in my seat. 

So, I really want to audition on my double bass. However, there's a smal hiccup in all this, in that I'M NOT CURRENTLY IN THE POSSESSION OF A BASS AT THE MOMENT. Gah. Entries for the audition due in by the 28th of January, 2009. The music isn't too hard (well, I'd have to practise it, for sure), but yeah... boo for Vivien. I don't think that the orchestra would be of like, ultimate professional standard, but they're saying that they're considering people of all ages, professional or amateur. I'm hoping that there won't be much competition amongst the double basses, and I'm really thinking that there wouldn't be anyway, because this opportunity is only open to everyone aware of it who can play an instrument, which kind of narrows it down a little bit, and then of all those youtubers, I'm not sure that an entirely large percentage of them would play the bass. And then, of all the people who can play the bass, I'm not sure if they would all be able to play it like, awesomely 'cause you know, it is youtube (kidding), and I'm not sure how many professional musicians would go wasting their time searching on youtube for an opportunity to be part of the world's first international symphony orchestra.


Anyways, If you're reading this, and you're a musician, HAVE A GO! You have nothing to lose, and imagine the prospect of being chosen to be a part of it. It's a world first, and you'd be part of music history forever. 

Here's the link: www.youtube.com/user/symphony.    <-- GO.

Peace, dudes. I love you.

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