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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ch-ch-ch-changes :)

Alright, I don't believe in New Year Resolutions (<-- there's some correct grammar for you to eat up [eek, I'm not so certain of the capitals!]) but you know what? (<-- oh and there's some incorrect grammar for you to throw up a little bit on) I'm going to a new school, a new music program, new people, new everything! So, I'VE DECIDED TO IMPLEMENT SOME EPIC CHANGES IN MY LIFE.

lol - it's not really that epic. Basically, here's a list of all the things I've done to change, both in a physical and a sort of academic aspect of my life:

1. I WILL EXERCISE. There was a little hiccup in this though: I went for my first run to anywhere in about 3 billion years a couple of days ago, and my knees ended up nearly dislocating, my achilles tendon is close to snapping (not really, but they are in pain), and all the muscles from my bum - I feel this word should have a 'B' on the end - bumb muscles right down to the ones surrounding my ankles are in a constant cramp (again, slight exaggeration here). I think my mother told me never to run again. -.-"

HOWEVER!, I will not be deterred by mere physical obstacles like being a little bit disabled! I'm taking up swimming again :)

2. I cut my hair. No, not like some sissy little trim. I got rid of the long fringe. *whispers* It still looks the same when I tie it up :D.

3. I'm seriously thinking of colour coding my fingernails, if my school permits this. I already do, but with length, rather than colour.

4. I'VE COMPLETELY REVAMPED MY BEDROOM. I looove it. I bought stands for my bass guitar, violin and clarinet (yes, I'm leaving the double bass in the garage (I love that word. It's so raw and has such a baroque feel..) aaand finally I've bought myself a music stand. It's kinda flimsy but I'll live. Um... what else? I've got a book case now! (however sore an excuse for one it is, at last! my very small book collection is all in the same room!) Oh right, a cosier bed, which I insisted upon ridding the wheels on so it's closer to the ground (hence the cosy), and I've got a bean bag now :D. I'm going to collect used up toilet paper rolls stick them to the walls because I think it's lots of fun, and I'm not sure of how many other people are doing that already.

5. I plan on becoming obsessed with calanders. I kind of already am...

6. Read more? I'm really not well read. Disappointing, really.

7. Not look at the TV at all during the working week. No msn, no sort of social interaction that lasts more than 15 minutes at any given time. Ohh this is going to be difficult :(.

8. Last of all I resolve to see these other resolutions through.

Gahhhhh. What have I gotten myself into?

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