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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Ok. I pride myself on being able to knit, however:

1) I don't particularly enjoy it, and
2) There are several things I don't understand about it.

2.1) Who invented knitting?? S/he's got to be a certifiable genius if you ask me.
Oh gosh I'm bored. I wonder what will happen if i get a pair of sticks, some string and continually pass it to and from the sticks in a series of knots (stick through the stitch, loop the stick to create a hole, pull stick out through the bottom of whole... repeat!)?



2.2) When I mysteriously add or lose stitches, why does the knitting simply accept it?? Why must it not fall apart and end up looking like underwear?? (Due to some freak act of nature, I actually did managed to create some orange, underwear-shaped piece of knitting).


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