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Friday, January 23, 2009



So it's 10 minutes past 3am, I can't sleep aaand I've just remembered that I've figured out how to post pictures!!

Yay. I owe you guys a few. Ermm... Here are a couple of them... a bit out of context, I guess:

The first one is about that super yuck lime flavoured Breaka which I bought a couple of months back (sorry for the sidewaysness), and the second is my with my super cool double bass which I've edited to be super artisy and to abuse the use of the word "super". Of course, I'm a bit further in front of it, so yeh, it's pretty big. 

Anway, I think the wheels of life/education are beginning to spin again after it's temporary, intended fall off the wagon. I went with Michelle to buy her uniform for QACI today, and um... I really don't have anything to say. It's not as good looking as I thought it would be (oh right, I forgot to mention that their blazers didn't have collars - *ahhh!*), but I guess, what is school really for in the end? I'm going to pick up the rest of mine tomorrow (blazer, jumper, school bag and... I think that's it) and I'm reaaaally hoping for this collar thing to work out. It's kinda weird.

Oh well. There're only 4ish days to go!


P.S.: The TV's weird tonight. Instead of advertisements that attract needy people to sms to get sex tapes on their mobiles, there're half hour long "short program" advertisements selling mops, exfoliators and fat draining cookery - the most repetive things I've ever heard in my life, Jimmy Barnes and his son recording video clips for their songs and Good Morning America, in Australia, at night. 

Ahh, I see. 

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