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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


and then there was light!

Today, I was walking home from the bus station when I was thinking about someone I met today - Eden. This is particularly weird for me because a) Eden is a guy. I'm actually not sure whether or not it is abnormal, but, b) my first best friend evereverever's name was Eden, and she was a girl.

Anyway, irrelevance!

I was thinking about how familar his name was, and I was attempting to rack my brains as to where I had heard it before, and it eventually struck me that it was that garden from the bible. Of course, I then remembered the two people who were in that garden - Adam and... I-got-stuck. Ohh, her? Yeah, I know her. I-got-stuck and me, we're like *this* tight.

Well, I get really annoyed when I forget things, so for some reason, I tried to start a train of thought that might help me remember her name. You'll never believe it. The first thing i thought of was Pokemon - sinful child! I thought of Abra, Charmander and Mew first because my friend and I were talking about them today, but then I thought of, Eevee... oh she's cute. wow. Eeeeeeeeeveeeee. Eeeevuvuvuh.

And then I got it. I FELT SO STUPID. /////cryslitwrist.

I'm thinking of making a demotivational poster and putting it on /b/ saying "I'm so atheist, I need Pokemon to help me remember the story of creationism," with a little picture where "Eevee = Eve."

I'm not sure whether to be proud of this or not... I'm not bagging out religion, although I do think it's at times a bit of a hypocritical joke. I certainly understand that some people rely on religion for hope and a guide to life and etc. etc., but when it comes to explaining miracles, nature and miricles in nature, I think we shoud listen to the Aboriginies there. Not to mention, there are so many people out there who consider themselves "Christian" or any variation upon that, and have never even read the bible.

I just reckon you should live your life the way that it is. Don't hate me for my beliefs 'cause I don't hate you for yours.

Anyway, tata for now. I think I have something to write about tomorrow - Yay!

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