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Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Blog about Buses. /sadface.

People SMELL on buses. Yes, that's all kinds of smells, from body odour, to FARTING. People are obnoxious on buses. People look at you for way too long on buses. People TAKE UP TOO MUCH ROOM on buses [ie. are fat/can't be bothered to move to fit more people on the bus, or simply just so you can have more room on the bus].

I have to admit, THE NOVELTY IS WEARING OFF. oh my god - this cannot be happening.

Public transport is designed to get you from point A to point B.


The best possible route of public transport only gets me from (ok now get ready for the maths here):

(Point A + 5min walk [so that's 5 mins beyond point A]) to (Point B - 15 mins across two freaking ovals and a hill [15 minutes short of Point B)

So if I were to write this as an expression on a number line, I would say:

{xx is a member of Q, A+5 < x < B-15} =

<--A------[varied travel time]-----------B-->

- ~ 2 [one hyphen is approximately 2 minutes]

/dies of nerdiness

I realise that x is really a member of N or Z+, but for the purposes of this hyphen based diagram, x is a member of Q. Now don't give me crap about it.

Ermm, otherwise, things have been going pretty well. I realise I haven't posted for very long, but that's because I haven't properly procrastinated long enough to do so. Of course, now with exam block looming in the next couple of days, this is perfect opportunity to do exactly that.

I'm pretty sure I wrote a post about two Fridays ago, saying how everything was much better than I thought it was the previous Tuesday, I was just overreacting etc. etc. smooshy stuff, but I fell asleep after I spontaneously decided to abandon the computer for a little while. I had meant to come back, but was like nearly 11 after I came back from QYO and I was exhausted from a looooooooong week. ;askdjf;lkshdg +++++ NOBODY ELSE ON THE INTERNET IS POSTING ANYTHING ANYMORE.

I have like 15 subscriptions on Youtube, but for the past like week or so, I've been getting "your subs have not been posting any vids lately" on my homepage. + nobody posts on blogger anymore either. GOODNESS. <---- doesn't even make sense, but people seem to say it and so will I!

Enough rambling. I think I shall post again after exam block, ie. next, next weekend.

taaaaaaa :)

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