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Friday, March 27, 2009

Elevator Music

is boring, awkward, AND SOUNDS LIKE PR0NO music/comment time! Actually, it doesn't, because porno music/comment time is good. Elevators aren't. Nor is elevator music... which is what I was meant to talk about. (btw, that is a zero in 'PR0NO'. But because it can sense that my awesome presence, it's trying it's best to make me look like a fool. Obviously, it wins :(). omg - smiley-bracket metacrisis!

"So Donna, do you now know why there's never been a smiley-bracket metacrisis?"

"...yes... because there can't be one..."

Well, clearly there is, and clearly it oozes out suckness, so take that Donna Noble. 

But yes, as I was saying, elevator music is bad. 

Do we all see now why I fail English? Exhibit B right there, Exhibit A my English exam today (in which we had to write 1500 words in 90 mins (is that even physically possible?) - which turned out to a poor excuse for a DISASTER. 

I only managed 804 words (I didn't count, I just guesstimated, as 804 is a multiple of 11), which will probably fail me. I did quite a lot of planning for it; notes on the content, quotes, deep studying of the text, scaffolding, I even tried to memorise it etc. etc., but when I got into the examination room I froze up and I couldn't even get the opening thesis statement out. So I made it all up! Nothing went as planned, I felt like absolute shit, I was having word diarrhea out of my mouth (which tasted pretty great [actually, come to think of it, it was more like out of my hand. That's pretty pathetic.]), and I'm sure none of what I wrote had any cohesion whatsoever. I'm not even sure of what I wrote. Godammit, I was really hoping to improve my grade - Gheyyy!

Poopooface. And so now I'm sitting here at the State Library pretending to study with uni students all around me (when I say around, we're all pretty far apart but you get my drift) thinking that I'm an obnoxious, wagging kid. Which I am, 'cause I'm meant to be studying for my other 3 exams. 

++, I was gonna meet Mitchell at Hyperdome but I forgot. Which makes me feel even shitter (lol, yes) 'cause I want to see him and I suck at life. :)

Heck, it's the weekend though. 

- My parries is with the father, 

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