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Saturday, April 18, 2009

How Do the Popular Kids Do It?

lol - as soon as I let myself acknowledge that I like my life the way it is, life decides to take it all away from me. In other words, things fall apart infinitely faster than they "fall into place".

Voldemort and I broke up - laugh if you wish, 'cause I find it quite humourous as well - mainly 'cause we were boreeeed ('cause he was gaming 24/7 lol) so we didn't speak 1/4 as much as we used to. But yeh I've known him for ages and we had more fun when we were just friends :)

But yeh, this leads me to the point of this post: How do the popular kids do it??

On average, I would have to say that the popular kids get into at the very least 3 relationships a year. At the onset of my relationship, I knew it wasn't going to last very long. But even though I knew that (therefore, it wasn't an overly serious thing, I didn't throw myself entirely into it etc. etc.), I have to admit, I'm still a little bit lost as to what I should do with myself on the other side of it.

When I ask how the popular kids do it, I don't mean anything remotely similar to how they physically get into so many relationships, but rather how, even why they prepare themselves mentally for realtionships destined for certain doom. 

I wonder if they give a shit...

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