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Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Rainbow Connection

Dear Blogary,

This morning, I woke up and turned on the TV. On it, was the most beautiful song ever. 

The Rainbow Connection - It was originally sung by 'kermit the frog' in the opening to the muppet show, but the video of it is not anywhere to be found on the internet.

Some people have done really nice covers of it - I know of Sarah McLachlan's (I think her's is my favourite), Jason Mraz's (it's actually pretty decent. He's put in a bit of his own style, and it's quite within reason too), The Carpenters', whom I love dearly, The Dixie Chicks, and just other tidbit people who've done pretty great jobs of it too. 


TO THE CORPRATE COMPANIES - A DEAD MAN (Jim Henson - sorry, Jim) WON'T EARN ANY MONEY. oh right, but you will, you selfish bastards. LET US LISTEN TO A GREAT SONG FOR FREE. j

Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection. The lovers, the dreamers and me...

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