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Monday, April 6, 2009



So I got most of my results back -  an A for every single one of my exams apart from German, but seriously, come on. 


So anyway, I was having an annoying bout of insomnia last night (it's becoming quite rare nowadays [I was staying up later than I should have though]), but it eventually became so much of an arse that I decided to count sheep. Now, usually I would just count numbers (eg. 1, 2, 3... without "visual aids", per say), but I had never actually counted sheep. The "daydream" was in colour (surprising, only in primary colours, green and brown), and I was imagining the sheep bouncing in from the outside of a fenced area as I counted. Why the sheep willingly jumped from freedom into my cage of mental torture, I would have no idea why. Anyway, what worried my most about my technique of sleep-inducing, was when I got to certain numbers, I began to physically (well, as much as possible in a imagination) *factorise* the number of sheep. 

For example - the number 20 would look like 5 groups of sheep in which they then divided themselves into the only possible prime number, 2. Of course, some numbers were more complex, but I really can't be bothered to relive MY WAKING NIGHTMARE. 

God it was horrible. I think it I uncosciously began doing that because I became frustrated with the fact that I couldn't possibly visualise 20 sheep, randomly scattered, without being able to keep track of each one and doubting my counting abilities. It's a scary prospect, huh? I know how you feel. 

Counting sheep? Never again. 

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