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Friday, April 17, 2009

So Apparently I'm Still Into The Children's Entertainment Industry

Apparently so.

I caught myself unconsciously singing to a song that ravaged my childhood as they replayed the Wiggles this afternoon. 

"Hands in the air, rockabye the bear.
Bear's now asleep - shh, shh, shh!
Bear's now asleep - shh, shh, shh..."

You've got to admit though, they did have some pretty flash special effects. In fact, I was surprised to discover it was an older video at all. I was instantly hit with a wave of nostalgia when I saw the "old Yellow Wiggle" (capitals are necessary, aren't they?) singing and dancing (I thought, Oh yay! Someone's raised him [Greg] from the hospital bed!), although I never really took a liking to him so I followed it with a snide comment something along the lines of him only being able to sing. 

Ok right so now I've caught myself looking at their FAQ page.  THIS IS SO TRAGIC. 

lol. One of the questions on their "about wiggles" section is, "Are the wiggles married and do they have children?", and everyone, even Sam (the newest member and previous 20yr old understudy to a 50yr old - for continuity purposes, of course) is at least married, while the martial status of Jeff (the purple wiggle) is "Single and with no children." I dunno. Maybe he's in more of a tragic situation than I am; a teen looking up The Wiggles and all.

Ohh and I've just realised that Wikipedia and the Wiggles site have a similar icon! Except Wikipdia tries to be all serious and crap but The Wiggles just tries to be all Big W.

Copy and pasted directly from the site:

What are The Wiggles' middle names?
Sam Wiggle Moran
Murray Wiggle Cook
Jeff Wiggle Fatt
Anthony Wiggle Field
Kill me already.
Oh, and just for the record, the blue wiggle [Anthony] was always my favourite.

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