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Sunday, May 17, 2009

For Granted

Why is it that people nowadays simply take for granted the incredible awesomeness of technology? 

For example, I have no idea how iPhones and iPod touches manage to incorporate a pressure recognition system thing while at the same time, display images 50 billion times better quality than my plasma TV. In fact, I couldn't explain to you any kind of screen display, or memory, or audio output. But despite all this, I simply take it as it comes, without question but with 'meh', accepting that maybe I'll just never know. 

Five years ago, if you were to have handed me a touchscreen piece of technology that was quite readily mass distributed to the entire world (ie. Hello, Apple) - at 9 years old and easily amused, I would've yelled "Magick!", with  a 'k', and quickly burned you at the stake. 

Nowadays we justify technology based on the fact that we're pretty sure someone somewhere out there can explain it, therefore it isn't an amazing feat of bejebus and his miracles, but perhaps, that of Dumbledore instead.

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