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Saturday, August 15, 2009


It's been a while.
Right now, of about only 3 things I'm sure;

1. Peanut butter is the best thing in the universe.

2. People are pretty damn cool, except for the ones who aren't. Fortunately there aren't very many of them. Being happy just makes me feel overcome with a desire to love everybody and everything. I can honestly say that if I were to list the names of people I feel privileged to be around, it'd be every single person I know the name of - EXCEPT ONE.

It's just her air of superiority, despite being less of a person than everybody else. Trying her best to be slutty - dying her hair, kilograms of make-up on her face for nerd-school, flirting with as many teenage, hormone ravaged boys (err, -not- socially awkward boys either) as she possibly can, and shamelessly flaunting her body despite the blindingly obvious flaw in the fact that she's fat and fugly :@

Maybe not so much. But hey, there's absolutely nothing wrong with being hideous. It's just the strutting, the pouting; it drives me insane. Most larger people are absolutely beautiful, might I add, it's almost not fair. They are also some of the coolest, nicest people I know, but damnnnnnn, there doesn't seem to be a single, caring, humane cell in her body. She is so goddamn fake and pretentious. It literally astounds me. She wore fucking stilettos to school one day, because she "just felt like it" - actual quote. FFS.

Did I mention I go to a school with the words, "SCIENCE, MATHS AND TECHNOLOGY" in its goddamn name? I'm not too sure the boys mind at all.

3. There are somethings that I know I won't be able to comprehend and understand for a while, so I should stop wasting time pondering them, let alone try to put it into words for a god forsaken blog.

comment HERE.

i am

vivien, and i ask you to convince me of otherwise.

i'd like to be

a musician
a scientist
a thinker
a photographer
a time traveler
under the sea,
in an octopus' garden
in the shade.