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Friday, April 9, 2010


There have been so many times in my life where I have wished to have enough money to donate to innumerable causes and charities, but the problem is, being an unemployed teen, I just don't have any money. It always seems to me that, people who have enough money never want to part with it, and those who don't, wish that they had more to give away. Like youth is wasted in the young, money is wasted on the rich.

Thus follows the conundrum concerning the poor man who goes without food for a night in order to donate a large portion of his wealth (or lack of), and the rich man who, without thought, donates only a small portion of his gratuitous fortune. Despite knowing that the poor man only donates maybe 10 dollars, and the rich man, potentially hundreds, who has "donated" more?

In reality, the dying children in Africa will only reap the benefits of the money that has actually been donated. In physical charity, intentions mean nothing - there's no point in shying away from that fact. Sure, the poor man sacrificed much more (and probably less agonizingly) than the rich man, but the rich man has, hopefully, improved their lives far more than the poor man has.

So, in a way, money can distinguish the morality of us humans. You have those who don't have enough to help others, those who don't have enough to help others but want to, those who do have enough but choose not to help others, those who do have enough and help others for their image, and those who work hard for enough to give others. There aren't many people like the latter, but that's who I want to be. I want my career to satisfy not only me, but everybody who can possibly benefit.

Oh dear. Charity is so difficult, anyhow. Who are we to decide what is worth donating in? At least we're helping somewhat, right?

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