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Saturday, July 31, 2010

knowledge is power

How does one truly distinguish between what is important and what is not?

Altruism, culture, money, identity, knowledge, power, and purpose - to me, this is what falls beneath the all-encompassing scope of "what is important". With these values, I believe one can create the utmost symbiotic relationship with society - returning more than perhaps what one takes out. I don't really want that much out of life anyway, other than for people other than my own family to celebrate my existence. I want to have a speech written to introduce me one day, be it just once. I just want to made a difference, through having inspired and empowered others to make a difference.

In a list such as this, however, how does one decide what is worth investing efforts into in order to achieve what one might seek? What is actually worth seeking?

With no doubt, the answer lies in education. It is with education which all else will follow. The eradication of poverty, greed, hunger et cetera depends on the impact of education, but it is the education of what is important, above all else that will teach every human being to live well.

Thus, I have been led to return to my back to my original question. What is important? How can we help others to live if we do not fundamentally know the answer to the question that we seek to teach?

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i am

vivien, and i ask you to convince me of otherwise.

i'd like to be

a musician
a scientist
a thinker
a photographer
a time traveler
under the sea,
in an octopus' garden
in the shade.