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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things That Make Me lol.

Okk... well as you might be able to tell, my recent "blogs" (blogs being inverted commas because the origin of the word is "web log"; the meaning of 'log' being "a written record of messages sent or received" [unless of course you use Wikipedia as a source, the word blog is, in actual fact, "an academic journal of architecture and urbanism that has been published by the Anyone Corporation since 2003, and is edited by Cynthia Davidson." {good on you, Cynthia}]) have descended into a misery of negativity and complaints.


I will do my best to attempt to retain my anal rants so that you lovely people have something nicer to read. As for now, however, I must shout my disgrace for current fasion to the world.

OK, first of all, I have no idea who coined the term "post-modern". Post-modern life style, post-modern technology, post-modern fashion, post-modern WHATEVER, really.

How can ANYTHING be post-modern if you are promoting for it to become stylish now?

Yeah, ok whatever, pull that "looking to the future" crap on me, I don't care. It's just making it more difficult for yourselves, anyway.

Second of all, I had a school-wide, free-dress day today. Because it is a requirement at my school to wear uniformed attire, on days when each student is able to choose how they appear to other students, it is rather interesting when the social groups become more distinct. Each group, or "clique" would wear their own 'thing', and other groups would go around either, trying to subtly dress the same way, or critise them. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, (or, I guess I do, but it's only human, and we get what we give so it evens out anyway) but I just enjoy watching each individual entity (social group), listening to how they think that they differ from each other, how each group justifies how they are "right" and "superior" to each other group, yet, myself, observing the basic similarities that they share (ie. almost everything, funnily enough). N.B. I also parttake in all these activities, for it is, like I mentioned before, human characteristic, although, I often like to complain about things like this because I can always see things from the outside and make a third person viewpoint upon the subject.

Third of all, people should really learn to compliment their bodies. *shudders* I don't understand why some people have to wear, tight fitting clothes to show off their boobs, when they have an impossibly large amount off fat vomiting out of their intestinal area. Having body fat is not an issue with me - in fact, I prefer it. I find it disgusting when people are stick skinny, and it doesn't look good in most clothes anyway. The problem with some people is, they have trouble acknowledging the fact that, YES!, they do have curves! So what? It's a great thing. It's not actually physically possible to have big breasts and fat-less bodies. If you didn't already know, boob = fat. Ok whatever, enough with the biology. Just, if you happen to have a few bulges here and there (which I know I do, too) and are unhappy with it:

a) perhaps exercise? It usually works.
b) compliment them! Work them to your advantage!
c) HIDE IT! yay! that's what I do best!


Last of all, I HAVE THE BIGGEST, FATTEST (oh *punpunpun!*), MOST MAMMOTH-SIZED (lol) HATRED FOR stupid, "fat, gansta shoes" with an Ffffffffffffing wheel on them. :@. I'm pretty sure society was made for people with legs, thanks. Also, seeing as these were in fashion almost a decade ago and they elevate the heel so that they look like high-heels, it makes most boys (who, btw, organise when they can where them at the same time) who wear it look like tranvestites who are not very intelligent! My gosh!

I hate them so much I was told that I have "irrational fits of anger" when I see them. NOT COOL.

Well, savour it people, because this is possibly the last occasion I will exert any female qualities for a longg longggggg time!

Things that make me lol:
- Images of Serrsy spitting profanities. haha.
- Campbell in long pants! :DDD
- The governments trying to promote energy saving lightbulbs because "they save up to $11AUD a year!"


I apologise for this shoddy conclusion.

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