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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

MSN Names


I've just decided that whenever I'm going to complain about something in posts, I'm not going to greet you. Yeah, take that, readers.



Anyway, I just want to point out how incredibly infuriating and*make-people-jump-to-silly-conclusions-ing* msn names/personal messages are. Okay, if I quickly just scan my list of people right now, I can tell you that these horrible little sequences of text are used only for one of/a large combination of these things:

1. Proclaiming incredibly un-hilarious jokes, thought of by the user themselves in a vain attempt for others to view them as "generally funny and very sociable people". Often, these people take joy from the fact that, because no one is able to understand these quirky remarks without actually questioning them, people have to personally contact them and ask them to explain it.

2. Displaying their incredibly versatile and "different" compilation of music. Really, I don't care if you listen to a band that I've never heard of, or listen to such a massive range of music that you've never repeated a song in your life. Publicly displaying what music you listen to nowadays, is almost like having to put on nice clothes in a video call so that people don't shun you. "Omg you seriously listen to such-and-such?" Fuck, I can listen to anything I want. 

3. (2.1) Displaying their expansive knowlege of alternative music by posting obscure, yet "meaningful" lyrics in their personal messages. Sure, I am guilty of this too, but I am merely pointing out the fact that it happens. 

4. Showing off the freaking gigantic number of friends/posse/people that they "love"/people who love them. From my contacts list, I have this one girl who manages to mention seven other people in her personal message alone, and her super important boyfriend, who gets a front seat in her main name. 

5. (4.1) What makes this experience all the more maddening is that, usually when people get mentioned in msn names, it's because there's some sort of personal joke that they share. Ok, so this makes the user of the msn account to mention this joke. Oh, and then when you ask them about it, they say, "Oh, don't worry. It's just a joke that me and my friend have". First of all, you have horrible grammar. Second of all, IF IT'S SO FREAKING PERSONAL, DON'T PUBLICLY DISPLAY IT. Seriously.

6. (4.1.1) Usually when these jokes are publicised, they are written in a way which makes them incredibly, outrageously funny. A contact of mine has things about sex, boobs and jokingly dating a female friend of hers. It's almost like she's trying to insult me and saying that her friends are cooler than mine, and they're not afraid to speak their mind. Neither am I. I don't care how freaking fun filled your life is, or "daring" you and your friends are. I don't think anybody does, so stop sharing and exaggerating it.

7. Last of all, one of the most prominent reason people like to spruce up their msn names is so that that can express their great and all-the-way-to-China deep love for their other half. :/. Zomg that is so overrated. I have someone on my list who (yes, is a boy) has posted the fact that he is celebrating a one-month aniversary with his girlfriend. - What? Dude, 31 freaking days. Some girls would have a period twice in that space of time. *rolls eyes*. God, what has become of this world? It's like, people would doubt your fidelity if you didn't mention them in your msn name. SERIOUSLY. 

I'm sick of all this crap. Meh. Whatever. This probably won't change anything anyway. Couple of things before we leave:
- OMFG Tom Milsom aka hexachordal replied to a comment of mine on his video! g;alskdlgkhsdf. yay.
- I am deeply engaged in watching inevitable-outcome battles on Pokemon Colosseum. Gahh. It has taken me over 2 hours to post this. :(
- I was looking at the tags to my posts, and I've discovered that the word I've tagged most with my blog is idiots. This is reasonably sad. Another :( for Vivien.

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